Patheos column: Happily Heathen–Offerings for the Gods, pt. 1

For those of you who don’t know, I write a bi-weekly column for the Agora blog on Patheos Pagan. I’ve just started a series about suggested offerings for the Norse Gods, as this topic often comes up when I’m talking with new Heathens (or new polytheists in general). This first one covers suggested offerings for the Vanir: The next two columns will cover the Aesir and the Jotnar, respectively.

(As an FYI for people new to my blogs, I’m a Heathen who interacts a lot with people who honor the Greeks and the Celts. And being a polytheist, I often end up interacting with those Gods directly, as well. And in my opinion, They all interact with each other when it works for Them to do so. I’m also a Heathen who honors the Jotnar (Loki, Hel, etc.) as Gods in their own right, and not “evil monsters” to be avoided. I’m not going to get all theological at the moment, but I think most Heathens can agree that the jotnar are at least divine entities of some kind, and worthy awe, if not necessarily always honor. As such, I find it useful to treat them as I would any other God I come into contact with–with respect and courtesy. The Jotnar are where much of our magic and wisdom come from, after all; the Aesir and Vanir had no problems asking them for information, or stealing it outright on occasion.)


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