Minor Convocation update

I had hoped to spend this evening at a Hel devotional by H. P. Pattskyn. I honor Hel on a daily basis, mainly out of respect for my beau who is a devotee of Hela’s, and because a chance to honor Her in public ritual doesn’t come up very often. Instead I am sitting in bed typing this, and hoping to Hel that the chills and aches I’m currently experiencing are not actually the flu that apparently many others got at PCon last weekend. I had a flu shot, Universe. This shouldn’t be happening. All of the swear words in the world….

Convocation is considerably smaller than PCon–say maybe 1/3 of the size–but it still somehow has 10 programs running in any one time slot. I think this is because the “guest presenters” are all offering four panels each. Even with sleeping away much of Con, I was able to get to two of Sarenth Odinsson’s presentations (both on polytheism) and then have a nice chat with him afterwards. I also got to be on a panel this morning with a variety of Patheos bloggers: the Rev. Melissa Hill (“Dandelion Seeds”) whose Swan Maidens ritual I hope to attend tomorrow night; Annika Mongan (“Born Again Witch”); Shauna Aura Knight (“Seeking the Grail”), pagan author and blogger; and Jenya Turner Beachy (“Dirt Heart Witch”), who runs the Feri Tent Revival rituals at PCon.

On Friday, I did get attend the Opening ritual and one other new ritual. It was something completely different from my style and tradition, a kind of Kabbalah-based break-open-your-mind-and-let-in-Keter thing, which, while interesting from a ritual design perspective, ran almost two and a half hours long, much of which was spent quietly holding space and shuffling around the edges of the room in a line. It reminded me why I don’t attend many other peoples’ rituals.

Tomorrow, should I feel up for it, I hope to spend some time at the ADF suite; attend anything put on by Shauna, Ian Corrigan, or Raven Kaldera, and attend the Swan maidens ritual. Wish me luck!



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