How did you learn to trust your Gods?

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a member of a 12 step program as well as a Heathen devotional polytheist. If you’re not familiar with 12 step programs, all 12 step programs follow AA’s 12 steps, with a change in wording in the first and twelfth steps. Otherwise, the program as written is identical across all groups.

My personal spirituality really matured quite a bit once I got into program. One of the main reasons for this is that the 12 steps is a spiritual program; the entire underlying concept is that a person’s best thinking and best efforts took them to rock bottom, so clearly something more than a person’s given resources is needed to get  out of it. While that “more” can include therapy, monetary support, support of family and friends, a rehab center, etc., the most important “more” is the guidance of and power from a non-corporeal figure of some kind (“Higher Power”). Being a Heathen devotional polytheist, that power for me are the Gods I’m devoted to.

Going through the steps really makes us think about the hows and whys of our relationships with our Higher Powers, Whoever They are. Here are a few of the prompts that I’ve come across in working my steps. I challenge you all to see what your answers to these questions are, as well. It can be good food for thought.

  • Do I trust my God(s)? If so, to what extent?
  • How was I able to come to trust my God(s)?
  • What keeps me from trusting my God(s)?
  • What role does the support of my family, friends, or spiritual community play in me coming to trust my God(s)?
  • How do I distinguish my God(s)’ will (or voice) from my own?
  • Do I continue to struggle with trusting my God(s); or is a decision that, once made, has stuck ever since?
  • Which aspects of my life do I trust my God(s) with?
  • When have I seen others trust their God(s)? How did that work out?
  • How has my understanding of my God(s) changed over time?
  • How has my relationship with my God(s) changed over time?
  • Do I trust Them more or less than I did previously? Why?

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